No catches. You can try out my offer without any risk to your good self. None. Guaranteed......

Dear Friend -
You know, every time I here betting described as a game for mugs I can't help raising a knowing smile.THIS IS FOR REAL!

The comfortable, stress-free life I've been leading for year’s bears out this fact in no certain terms.

The daily grind is for me a distant memory and my days are spent doing pretty much what I like. Bliss.

Envious cash-strapped, job-hating friends harp on about how lucky I am. Luck? Get outta here. They couldn't be more wrong. Luck simply doesn’t enter into the frame. Period-

"My success lies in exploiting indisputable racing trends which effectively guarantee that 80% of horses I bet win - mostly at good odds too. Nothing but nothing is down to mere chance"

Let me tell you here and now, the way to make big money from racing is to back the right horses at the right time- Mort punters seem unfathomably hell-bent on doing the exact opposite I call it crowd-mentality fever. I much prefer winning hard cash instead - and plenty of it. Listen, you'd better be hungry for a similar experience or you might as well stop reading now.

Be under no illusion: there's a world of difference between aimless hit-and-hope gambling and betting in an analytical and scientific manner. After all, who do you think walks away with the biggest share of the hundreds and millions of pounds which bookmakers pay out in winnings each year?

ls it the dozy masses hooked on following speculative theories, unsound hunches, random guesswork, blind tips and the like? Please, we both know that’s a ludicrous non-starter. Of course...

This new system is here and it's special - you bet your ass it is!.....

After you've seen with your own eyes (the true test) how easily and quickly the profits rack up, I'm convinced you'll be equally blown away.

However, if for ANY reason results unexpectedly turn sour on you no problem. I shall personally see to it that you will lose nothing. Not a penny. let’s be straight: you and I both know there are some dodgy characters around peddling even dodgier deals. Makes you wooded how they sleep at night doesn’t it?

Don’t lose heart......

There are people around who take pride in delivering good service. I'm one of them. Look if I didn’t have  something which provides you the customer with real worth and value, there's no way this letter would have been written let alone mailed. When I say no catches - I really mean it!


My fascination for the sport first began over a decade ago, but from the outset I had no desire to fit the typical mug-punter role. Frankly, the idea of squandering my hard-earned money made me sick to the bone. I therefore resolved that if I couldn't hold my own and at least break even after giving it my best shot! I'd take to hitting dimpled balls into holes or something else equally namby-pamby!

Well, by acquiring an in-depth turf knowledge and purposely betting in a competent way, it didn't take too long before my original target was attained. What's more, as my racing experience and expertise expanded over time, I eventually managed to record small but consistent gains.

Although not exactly setting the world on fire at this stage, by getting my nose in front it became clear to me that...

Bookmakers are NOT the invincible, all-conquering bogeymen as generally supposed....

So much so, it dawned on me one day that maybe I had only been scratching the tip of the iceberg? Maybe there was scope for winning a lot more money than I was currently generating?

With these enticing thoughts spurring me on I decided to get into some seriously detailed research. Up to this point I found winners by studying form in the conventional manner. Becoming skilled at unraveling complex form-lines is a time-consuming and challenging black art and no matter how much mental endeavour is applied errors of judgement are unavoidable, limiting the extent of overall winnings as a result.

I felt a more clear-cut approach was called for. One that scientifically eradicates human error and reduces the number of losers down to the barest possible minimum

Something which my subsequent findings indisputably confirmed, contrary to popular belief, was that when given the right conditions, racehorses nearly always rune true to form. It's just a question of reading the vital indicators correctly then the task of predicting winners becomes a whole lot easier.

When backers watch their supposedly "sure things' finish a long way down the field they blame the animals or jockeys in question for under-performing, bitterly cursing their "bad luck" yet again. To uninformed onlookers it may see they have a valid point but the real reason why so many fancied horses bite the dust is because they’re actually racing under unfavourable circumstances.

Any horse faced with such a major disadvantage rarely wins. Yet the average punter, blithely unaware of the situation, literally pile truckloads of money every day on runners who have no realistic chance of triumphing, Good grief, talk about lambs to the slaughter. For wide-awake profit-hungry backers alert to what’s really happening; however....

This represents us with a heaven-sent opportunity....

The secret to making almost obscene amounts of money lies in identifying, clearly and accurately proven runners ideally positioned to unleash their fuIl potential and breeze home like the good bets they are!

With every downside there is often a bigger upside waiting to be exploited. While 97% of punters insist on repeating their costly mistakes again and gain my detailed research conclusively demonstrates that by solely concentrating on horses ideally place to excel and deliver a thumping turn of speed (as determined by a number of key indicators), raking in high profits is all but a forgotten conclusion.

Racing is awash with facts and figures. Much of this data is accidental in nature and holds little or no constructive long term value. What I did was cut through the meaningless jumble of statistics and get right down to the information which matters. It’s here where system developers tend to go badly astray, turning out flawed and ineffective efforts as a consequence. Garbage in, garbage out and all that.

For any betting strategy to work it has to be properly built around rock solid repeatable trends.


I have expressly avoided falling into this classic trap to formulate an innovative system which recognises precisely when certain horses have an optimum chance of pulling out the stops and winning. The signal are unmistakeable and seldom disappoint. Once aware of them you’ll join a tasty gravy train and make money like you wouldn’t believe until the actual cash is snugly resting in your mitts.


But the money isn’t the only thing. There’s the thrill of the kill. The thrill of putting one over your jaw-dropping bookmaker. The thrill of winning and winning. Do you think it’s something you could get accustomed to? No harm in having the choice right? Makes golf yawn in comparison!

Systems fall or stand by their results alone. So what I’ve done below is tabulate the systems full record of achievement since I personally began betting on the selections over five years ago. I could have gone back another 10 years (similar pattern) but the impressive nature of the results below should leave no doubts as to the quality and reliability you’ll be getting. This is the full story with no omissions whatever.

Full Results - £25 Win Stakes
2014 + £21,321
2015 + £13,737
 2016 + £15, 881
 2017 + £26, 124
2018 + £19,522
     Longest Winning Run - 14
Longest Losing Run - 7

A total haul of 801 winners form 1109 selections (7 out of 10 success rate), conforms this is no empty claim. Short losing runs and big level stakes (read on) combine to make this system a must have for any racing fan looking to finally enjoy a change of luck. Your sudden rise in prosperity will obviously have nothing to do with being lucky. But why let on? Just fill your boots!

 A vitally important point to remember here is that all the results quoted within these pages are perfectly Real. Many systems are deliberately rigged around past successes unlikely ever occur again- I think that's a deplorable trick to pull. Be assured, you won't get any of that nonsense from me.

I have been marketing the system in strictly limited numbers since for a short time and haven't had one complaint yet Not a single one. A fact which naturally speaks volumes. Indeed if I wasn’t entirely confident about the systems ongoing money making abilities, I'd be unable to offer all purchasers with a carved in steel no-risk guarantee that I do. I hope this answers some of the concerns you inevitably have.


You might also be wondering that if the system is so good, why am I willing to share it with others? Well, why not! I don’t intend to flood the market, so my personal bets won't be affected in any way. And frankly, even the Branson’s of this world can never be too rich. Okay, maybe they can but few of us are fortunate enough to be in their league. In any case, what natters is that I have a piece of work which genuinely meets and surpasses customers' expectations, meaning they’re happy and so am I.

This is what honest and reputable trading has been about for a thousand years. It's what I am about.


Despite faithfully tracking down winners with pin-sharp accuracy, system qualifiers are more often than not returned at good value odds (average price a little under 4/1). This is good news for us-very good news. See for yourself by examining the highly impressive profit figures achieved since the start of 2009. All completely accurate and legitimate, of course, and easily checkable by anyone.


The Systems - full profit record since Jan 2009 till going to press...

AII profits to a £25 level stake win placed on each selection after taking account of losers

£1,588 profit on average every month!

Whatever size stake you prefer using, big or small, it's crystal clear from the exceptional returns above that this coming season and beyond could be your most profitable period ever. Or are you prepaid to let the chance of seizing really serious money slip through your fingers? Act you? Come on now, what we get out of life is nearly always determined by the quality of our decisions. Know this you’ll be making a top class one today if sending for my package. Have no qualms about that None,

There is only one drawback. I will only allow 100 of the systems to be sold. It won’t make much sense if I sold the manuals to 1000 or 2000 people because the prices of the selection in the betting market would be hit and I don’t want that. To make sure the same people who invest in this offer get the same results in the past 5 years only 100 people can have it for just £247.

Anyone who gets their order  in to me late, Ill simply send it back with a refund. For only £247 I’m going to let you in on the easiest money you’ll ever make


100% Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee: I don’t for one second expect you’ll be anything but delighted with your new purchase. However, to allow for any unforeseen eventuality, once your copy of the system has arrived simply test out its results for a short while and if good level stake profits aren't forthcoming, you will get your money back promptly and courteously by return.

No ifs, buts or maybes. Either the system wins money for YOU or you'll be given an instant refund. Hey I know you’re still got doubts. Wouldn’t be normal if your didn’t. But let’s be perfectly honest, either you want to win real money, or you don't. Either want to experience the thrill of beating the bookies over and over, or you don't. Either you want things financial security offers, or you don’t What’s it to be?

No Risk Order Form

NOTE: This is your only chance to find out how good this is. Take it now - I shan't be offering this again.

Yes! Please rush me a copy of your winning system, on the understanding that if it doesn't produce he promised profits for any reason, I'll be entitled to a full refund.

On that basis I have enclosed my full and final payment of £247

Cheques / Postal Orders or Cash payable to: CONFIDENTIAL PUBLISHING,PO BOX 7044 ,KETTERING, NN16 6AG

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I very much look forward to sharing this tried and tested strategy that will grow your betting pot, improve your life-style and give you the freedom to enjoy your success.

     Speak soon,

         Paul Coleman

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